CEREC inLab all-ceramic restorations are available now at DigiTech Dental Laboratory.

DigiTech Dental Laboratory is proud to offer you CEREC inLab restorations, an excellent standard for all-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations. CEREC inLab mills crown copings and multiple-unit bridges out of single, solid blocks available in three types: EMPRESS, e.max™ and ZIRCONIA. The addition of new materials give CEREC inLab the ability to produce the most comprehensive range of restorative applications, including fully-contoured crowns, multiple-unit bridges, inlays, onlays, splinted teeth, Maryland bridges, and ceramic implant abutments.

CEREC inLab restorations require no extra work by the dentist, accommodating both shoulder and chamfer preparations, whichever is preferred for the case at hand. The finished restorations are placed using conventional cementation or bonding. A 10-year in-vivo success rate of up to 99% gives you complete confidence and peace of mind that the restorations will last.

The beauty of CEREC inLab restorations begins at the core, with a choice of five colors of infiltration glass. After infiltration, a selection of 45 shades of 3D-MASTER™ porcelains and veneers are available for build-up. This unprecedented breadth of infiltration and build-up materials enables unlimited esthetic possibilities for the finished restoration, and helps impart a natural-looking appearance as well as a lifelike translucency that emanates right from the core.

CEREC inLab restorations are easy for you, and their natural beauty ensures complete patient satisfaction. See the difference for yourself, send us a case today.
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